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XML4Pharma is a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider

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The XML4Pharma offices in spring

The XML4Pharma offices in spring

SDTM-ETL 4.2 is now available!
New service: CDISC Library RESTful API Software Development
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Creating define.xml the user-friendly way
CDISC ODM Study and Define.xml Designer
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Mission statement

XML4Pharma helps pharmaceutical and pharma-related companies and Research Institutes with the implementation of most modern but proven IT technologies.


XML4Pharma has been involved in the development and implementation of the CDISC standards for many years. This work has been recognized by the CDISC organization by designating XML4Pharma as a "CDISC Registered Solutions Provider"


Jozef Aerts has over 20 years of experience at the interface between R&D and innovative IT. Before starting as an independent consultant and developer, he worked at Akzo Nobel Central Research and at Organon, where he was responsible for scientific software development and for IT innovation


XML4Pharma specializes in XML technologies, Web Services, Application Integration and native XML databases.
We develop software using Java, C#, Perl, PHP, XML-XSLT-XPath as software languages and SOAP and XML-RPC as communication languages


Our major customers are pharma companies, CROs, EDC and technology vendors and academic institutions involved in pharmaceutical research

Other Working areas

Although XML4Pharma is best known for its pioneering work in Clinical Research, we also do a lot of work in other XML-related areas: development of XSLT stylesheets for visualisation and transformation, development of XML-Schemas and of Schematrons, software for working with XML.

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XML4Pharma is a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider CDISC and Clinical Research Our CDISC ODM Checker
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Transforming & presenting CDISC ODM Documents
Implementing the CDISC standards Products for working with the CDISC standards Our technology courses Web Services
The electronic Common Technical Document
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