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Web Services in Pharmaceutical & Chemical IT - what is it ?

Web services is at this moment the ultimate form of web-enabling: instead of making software available through the use of web browsers, web services allow local applications to call methods of other applications that are located somewhere else within the company (intranet) or somewhere else in the world (internet).


Web Services in BioInformatics Web Services in Clinical Research Web Services and the FDA

Or with other words: using web services, you can call methods or modules from other software packages from within your own applications, even though these other software packages are located somewhere else on other machines somewhere in your company.

The difference between web-enabling and web services

Web Enabling uses a browser and returns HTML
Web services is about applications communicating over the intra/inter-net

Whereas web enabling requires the user to work through a browser, sending HTTP requests and getting HTML back, web services is about communication between applications.

Properties of web services

Essentially, web services mean that applications can "talk to each other", over the intranet (or internet), independent of the computer languages the applications are written in, what operating systems are used on both sides (the applications even do not need to know), and without firewall issues.

As a specialist in web-enabling of (technical and scientific) software, XML4Pharma can help you make your applications available as web services, and thus make the use of your technical or scientific software much more cost-efficient.


Web services have the following advantages:

All together, web services is THE new way of implementing distributed computing

Furthermore: web services have the same advantages as web-enabling:

Web services technology


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