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Software and Consultancy for working with the CDISC SHARE API

CDISC SHARE API v.1.0 has now been made available (for free for CDISC Platinum members, paying for others). This API is meant to be used by RESTful Web Services, which is the most modern way of machine-machine communication.
XML4Pharma has made some contributions to the development of this API, and has itself also made free RESTful Web services available for working with CDISC standards (which in some cases go beyond what SHARE offers).
As a specialist in RESTful Web Services and in CDISC standards, we are now offering consultancy and software development services for working with the CDISC SHARE API. So, if your company would like to use the SHARE API, but does not have the necessary resources or knowledge to do so, we will be happy to help you.

Software development:

Examples of well-known systems we developed

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