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XML4Pharma's CDISC Transformation Services

As one of the CDISC pioneers, XML4Pharma offers a unique set of services to transform clinical data from older studies into CDISC ODM and/or CDISC SDTM format.

Archival into CDISC ODM format

The CDISC ODM format is the first choice for archiving old clinical studies, be it paper or EDC studies. As CDISC ODM is based on XML, thus containing data as well as the associated metadata, archival in ODM format ensures that the context of the collected data is not lost during archival (such a loss is e.g. obtained when archiving in SAS Transport format).
Archival in CDISC ODM format guarantees an archive into a standardized format in its original form, without any loss of information.

XML4Pharma has an extremely good record in archiving legacy studies into CDISC format. Whether you have your legacy studies in SAS Transport files, or any other legacy format, or just as a database, we can always take care that your clinical study is archived into CDISC ODM format.

Transformation to CDISC SDTM

Our unique SDTM-ETLTM software allows to generate SDTM datasets from archived studies.
For companies that wish to outsource the generation of SDTM datasets, we offer a unique set of services.
For more information about our SDTM Transformation Services, please contact us.

XML4Pharma is a CDISC Registered Solution Provider for the SDTM standard

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