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The CDISC ODM Checker

CDISC logo The CDISC ODM Checker is a software package developed by XML4Pharma to check whether an ODM file (or a set of ODM files) conforms to the CDISC ODM standard.

The base version of this tool is freely available for CDISC members and for academia

Other tools for working with the CDISC set of standards

The fully-redesigned new version validates (sets of) CDISC ODM files version 1.2 and 1.3 / 1.3.1 against the XML-Schema and against all other rules of the specification.

Download a copy of the user manual

Base Edition

The "Base edition" of the software is completely free of charge for CDISC members and for academia.
It validates any (set of) CDISC ODM files (versions 1.2, 1.3 and 1.3.1) against the ODM specification and the XML-Schema.

Professional Edition

The "Professional edition" has all the features of the "base" edition, but also supports any vendor extensions (Medidata, PhaseForward, Lilly, etc..) for which there is an "extension XML-schema" available. These "extension schemas" are usually provided by the EDC vendors and can be used directly with the ODMChecker. The price for this version is US$ 1,000 or 725.

Enterprise Edition

The "Entreprise edition" is tailored individually to the requirements of each enterprise customer, and can be interfaced with or integrated into the existing systems of the customer. It also allows to add additional company-specific rules. Prices are available on request.


CDISC members and people connected to an academic institution can obtain the CDISC ODM Checker "Base Edition" for free: an e-mail containing your full credentials suffices. Non-members may purchase a license. Please contact us for further details.

For the "Professional Edition", please ask your purchase department to send us a purchase order.

P.S.: If you still use ODM files version 1.1 or ODM files version 1.2 with a "Document Type Definition", then you may use the old version of the ODM Checker

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