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The ODM Reporter

The ODM Reporter is a tool for generating reports (in PDF format) from the contents.
Either full reports (see example) or partial reports can be generated. For the latter, the ODM file on which is acted, is displayed as a tree, and using checkboxes, the user can decide using which elements (and their subelements) will be taken into account for generating the report. This enables for example, to report on certain patients only, or to include / exclude reporting on Reference Data.

Snapshot of a report :

Table data in red have a link to another part of the document.

Customization to your needs

The ODM Reporter is NOT an off-the-shelf product.
It is tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Please discuss your requirements for the required functionality and for the styling of the generated PDF document with us, and we will be happy to make your company an offer.
The software can be delivered as a standalone (PC) application, or as a web application e.g. to be deployed on a company's intranet.

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Important notice :

The ODM Reporter is NOT an official product of the CDISC organization.
It has been developed by XML4Pharma independently from CDISC, and is being commercialized separately from the CDISC organization.

Contact XML4Pharma
XML4Pharma, Katzelbachweg 18, 8052 Thal, Austria