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The Lab ASCII to Lab XML converter

The CDISC Lab standard has 3 implementation forms: a SAS form, an ASCII form (bar delimited fields) and an XML form.
The latter is especially usefull when Lab data are stored in a native XML database or have to be imported into a modern CDMS.
Also, the XML form enables to incorporate the Lab data into a CDISC ODM file by a simple transformation.

Many labs however are not ready for XML yet, so they prefer to deliver the Lab data in ASCII form. The disadvantage of this however is that the receiving party (usually the CRO) needs to transform the ASCII data in order to work wih them.

Therefore we developed the CDISC Lab ASCII to Lab XML Converter: it takes a Lab ASCII file and transforms it into a Lab XML file with one click on a button. It has a very friendly user interface and can simply be installed on any modern computer (Laptop or notebook, Windows, Linux or Apple). It can also be made available as a web application (Java Servlet)


Lab (bar delimited) ASCII files are easy to generate by Laboratories. However, they are not easy to read by the receiving party. The XML representation of the CDISC Lab standard however is very well human- as well as machine-readable. Also Lab XML can easily be transformed into HTML (for viewing) or into PDF (for reporting). With the modern databases, XML is also ideal for import into databases, as well relational as native XML databases.

Our tool transforms Lab ASCII files into Lab XML. An example of a Lab ASCII file can be found here. The result of the conversion using our tool can be found here. Please feel free to download these example files.

The Graphical Interface

The graphical interface is kept very simple, and this very user-friendly. Just use the "Browse" button to select an input (Lab ASCII) file. The output file ("Lab XML") can be selected using the "Browse" button, or you can simply type a filename. Then just click the "Convert" button, and a few seconds later, the Lab XML file is ready. The result is also displayed in the central text area.

The Graphical Interface


The Lab ASCII to Lab XML Converter is available for CDISC members for the price of €700 (or US$1050). Non-members can obtain the product for €900 (or US$1350).
The software can also be made available as a web application (Java Servlet). Please contact us for obtaining a quote for a server license.

Important notice : The Lab ASCII to Lab XML Converter is NOT an official product of the CDISC organization.
It has been developed by XML4Pharma independently from CDISC.

The Lab ASCII to Lab XML Converter on the XML4Pharma Application Server

You can now try out the Lab ASCII to Lab XML Converter online at our application server at www.XML4PharmaServer.com.
You only need to register once with a self chosen username and password. The use of all tools available at the XML4PharmaServer is free.

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